Crafted By Hand.

Contemporary yet classic in feel – bone inlay makes a striking statement to furniture that will stand the test of time, with intricately laid bone pieces. Get inspired by this beautiful mother of pear inlay underlying bohemian artefacts. 

The Story 


Made from Buffalo bone, a by product of the food industry. The traditional technique is concentrated in India, where skills are often handed down over generations.



Easy to care for. A simple damp cloth is all you need as opposed to modern chemical bound cleaning products. With sealants easily applied to protect against spills & moisture. Bone inlay furniture is not only beautiful but practical too.

Inlay is commonly used in the production of decorative furniture where pieces of coloured wood, precious metals or even diamonds are inserted into the surface of the carcass using various materials. 



Chic & sophisticated in style. Bone inlay furniture creates a striking statement in your home with each piece crafted by hand, completely unique and one of a kind.  


Discover the whole manufacturing story and watch our YouTube Video. 



Interior inspiration with bone Inlay 

The bone Inlay collection by Horgans offers a timeless furniture collection of stunning interiorstyles and designs. Take a look in the stunning collection of cabinets, consoles, side and bedside tables as well as homedecor and accessoires for an luxury lifestyle. Discover each masterpiece which offers an unique look in the following lines.



Framed with a Black border, the black patterned bone inlay cabinet sets the tone for an unforgettable space. 


White bone with black pattern stripe underline this timeless console in your home.


Create your own unique style by mixing your favourite home accessories with this Bone inlay Black & White Rain drop pattern.



Discover the whole collection of the Horgans bone inlay furniture collection and get inspired by those timeless interior styles. Each piece is handcrafted and has it's own touch of uniqueness. The bone Inlay furniture collection is coming within stunning designs in Black and White. From abstract cabinets and consoles to handcrafted frames and accessoires like boxes the designs are literally offering a timeless chic ambience. Let yourself be inspired by stunning side tables and bedside tables out of our bone inlay collection. Visit Horgans in the showroom in Sydney. 


Discover the full Bone Inlay furniture collection. 


The Horgans bone Inlay collection offers stunning furnitures for a timeless chic ambience. Get yourself inspired by styles with patterned Black and White interiors with bone Inlay. This furniture collection offers masterpieces for every interiordesign lover - discover those unique styles from consoles, cabinets, tables as well as accessoires and homedecor designs like frames  and boxes. Create your own home with timeless styles and get a piece of this handcrafted masterpieces. 

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